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Superman Tandem Spinnerbait

Superman Tandem Spinnerbait

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The Superman Spinnerbait features a stout Mustad 2x hook, stainless steel wire, quality hardware, natural flash hammered blades, hand tied skirt and a streamlined head design that easily gets through cover. The standard spinnerbait wire and profile are perfectly balanced and ready for action. Because of the way the skirt is tied, this bait is fantastic without a plastic trailer. Fearlessly throw this bait in and around wood. The strong yet flexible wire will make its way through all kinds of janky cover to get you in front of your PB.

Main Blade Size: #5

Kicker Blade Size: #2 Colorado, #3.5 Willow

3/8oz 3/0
1/2oz 4/0


Picture to the left highlights the hardware configuration of our spinnerbaits. General pictures of each available skirt color combo do not accurately depict the configuration or quality of the hardware we provide.

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Customer Reviews

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Jaden Lawdermilt

I give it a 4/5 because after only catching 3 fish the ring to hold the plate on the wire broke and I had to fix it the metal the ring is made out of needs to be stronger. Other than that absolutely love it.