Bassdope Lures was founded by Scott Sinclair, an avid angler who targets largemouth and smallmouth in the lakes, ponds and rivers around the Chicagoland area in northern Illinois. The north central part of the country presents bank, wading and boat anglers with unique fishing challenges that have helped shape the designs of Bassdope lures. Muck, silt, slime, algae, weeds, concrete, rebar, rocks, bodies and river snags, are some of what inspires Bassdope to create better baits.

Because of Scott's extensive river fishing experiences, Bassdope continually strives to improve standard lure designs to reduce snags, achieve lure longevity and present Bass with unique bait profiles, actions and colors. Shifting the weight of a jig head, re-enforcing the hook shank and balancing the weedguard are some of the meticulous improvements you will find in Bassdope lures. Bassdope believes that by doing this, Bassdope anglers can confidently focus on catching more fish while others anglers tinker.

Bassdope Lures are each handmade in Illinois and simply last longer under tough river conditions! Start fishing like a pro and get Bass hooked on Bassdope!