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Tweaker Bladed Jig

Tweaker Bladed Jig

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The Tweaker goes where other bladed jigs and chatterbaits can't. Built on the Speedball Ultimate Swim Jig chassis and outfitted with a Queen Tackle Switch Blade, this bladed jig features an engulfed Mustad heavywire hook, hand tied skirt, ScentTrap, 27 Fiber Flexguard and an arrow head that helps this jig cut through grass and wood. This bladed jig gives you maximum vibration with minimal sound. Reach for the Tweaker when you want a more finesse bladed jig option. In field tests the Tweaker out performed the Jackhammer, and snagged WAY less. This bladed jig requires a standard medium/heavy powered jig rod and a full hookset.

Hook Sizes:
1/4oz - 3/0
3/8oz - 4/0
1/2oz - 5/0
5/8oz - 5/0
3/4oz - 5/0

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Love this shad bait!!

This is one of the best chatterbaits I have ever used!!

Charles Dear
Great looking bait

Love the weed guard

Todd B
Tweaker bladed jig

I have always had success with this lure especially in the lemon lime color. I am notorious for losing chatterbaits and this one hangs up maybe once in a blue moon. It really gets through grass easily and hook up is a breeze. I even lent my friend one and he caught a bass on it haha

Waylon Mitchell

They run smooth in the water and have a subtle thump. Really good lure look to catching a ton of fish with them.

Steve Raczak
Tweaker Bladed Jig

Tied it on last week of April in river and ponds and enjoyed its balanced weight, consistent vibration, and reliable response to changing retrieve speeds. Landed both pre spawn Smallies and Largemouth.