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Stardust Elite Flipping Jig

Stardust Elite Flipping Jig

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The Stardust Elite, is a hybrid arkie style flipping jig that is amazing around rock and wood, and is perfect for skipping under docks and overhangs. Featuring an unmatched hybrid arkie head, hand tied custom skirt, ScentTrap™ keeper, Mustad 2x heavy wire hook and a firm weedguard with reinforced base, the Stardust is truly a do-everything jig. The hybrid head was designed to walk over obstacles and keep you out of most snags. This is a full-sized strong, well built jig that will outperform your current go-to jig. 

Hook Sizes:
1/4oz - 3/0
3/8oz - 4/0
1/2oz - 5/0

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jim Friday

Best winter finesse jig on the Market , very durable and it just gets the big bites

Marty Backlock
You all did great!

Awesome job.

The Speedball Swim Jig

I’ve been dedicated to these products for about 6 months now and have been impressed with the quality of everything I order! Speedball Swim Jig has become one of my favorite lures to throw through out the spring season all the way through the Fall! I’m just restocked after my first order , I grabbed (4) of the 1/2oz Speedballs in (3) different patterns this time in El Dorado, Black Magic and Crappie ( which is a new color ) soon to be out for everyone to grab! I been experimenting with trailers from Berkeley The Deal , Keitech , Spark Shad, Spunk Shad and Gamblers Ez Swimmers! All great options….. The weed guard has a perfect tamper to hooksets don’t to stiff, the hooks are strong and great quality skirts!

I’ve caught over 50 Largemouth on just the 3/8 & 1/2 El Dorado paired with Berkeley The Deal in Ayu! Ice water pairs nicely together as well with Ayu! Throw 3/8 for a slower fall rate in the Late Winter Months and early spring months and jump up to 1/2 oz in the post spawn and Summer!

Gary Hamilton

Love the colors. Wish the hooks was a little longer but all and all really good jigs. I’ve had some really good luck with the candy jig they’re awesome.


Nice tied skirt, very strong hook, and color scheme is great!