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Smack Swimbait Jig Head

Smack Swimbait Jig Head

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The sleek design of the Smack jig heads are perfect for 3" to 6" swimbaits. Featuring a Mustad heavywire hook with 30 degree line tie, metal bait keeper and realistic 3D eyes, These jig heads rock! When paired with a boot-tail swimbait, the head wobbles side-to-side, imparting a secondary action on your bait that Bass can't resist. The 30 degree line tie makes the Smack a perfect choice for umbrella rigs and FFS (forward facing sonar) applications at the lighter weights.

Hook Sizes:

1/8oz 3/0
3/16oz 3/0
1/4oz 3/0
3/8oz 4/0
1/2oz 5/0
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