B.A.S.S. Rules on Umbrella Rigs


Use of landing nets and grippers for landing bass is prohibited during tournament competition. During practice and competition no more than one artificial or biodegradable artificial lure may be attached to a line at one time. One lure is defined as a single manmade device designed to attract and/or catch one fish at a time. Adding trailer hooks, plastic trailers, blades, etc., to a single lure is acceptable. If multiple fish are caught on a single manmade lure, on a single cast, all fish are considered legal and may be added to the daily catch subject to scoring rules (C17). No “live bait,” “dead bait,” or “prepared bait” will be permitted during official practice and competition, with the exception of pork strips or rinds.

Any umbrella-type rigging, harness or other device designed to hold more than one lure at a time with or without hooks is not allowed. Such rigging, harness or device cannot be added to a single lure as described above. Twin arm spinnerbaits, underspins and buzzbaits are allowed. Trailer hooks and plastic trailers must be on the main hook of the bait; only spinner blades can be affixed to the arms. The head on the main stem may be hinged. On twin arm spinnerbaits, underspins and buzzbaits, no more than two wires, with a maximum length of 6 inches, may extend off the main arm or body of the lure at the head or line tie point. The bend of the main hook must be even with or trail behind where blades attach to the wires. B.A.S.S. officials have the sole authority to determine whether a lure is considered a single lure as defined above.